Car Masters Season 3 Cast, Us Tv Show, Plot, Episode, IMDB, 2021

Car Masters Season 3
Car Masters Season 3

Car Masters Season 3 Cast, Us Tv Show, Plot, Episode, IMDB, 2021, Release Date and Review by

Today we are going to tell about the TV show. This TV show is a popular show of us. This show is also the most watched show of the Netflix site. The show has got a rating of 8.8 on imdb. This show has 2 seasons so far. The third one is coming soon on Netflix.

TV Series NameCar Masters
GenreDrama And TV Show
Release Date04 Aug 2021
SeasonsSeason 2
Seasons 3Coming Soon
Platform OttNetflix
Directorsnot Update
All EpisodesSeason 1, 8 Episode and Season 2, 8 Episode
Country of originUnited States

Car Masters Season 3 is an American TV Series in English language, executive producer by Will Ehbrecht and Rob Hammersley. This series is Full of Drama and Comedy. This series is based on Car Masters. This series is made under Netflix Studio. This series is available on Netflix.

Car Masters Season 3 Plot

For the past few years, Netflix has delighted gearheads and reality TV fans with its TV series Car Masters: Rust to Riches. The TV series focuses on the adventures of Gotham Garage, a custom mechanic shop that specializes in creating unique cars for its customers. His goal throughout the show is to turn cheap cars into something stylish and profitable so the crew can modify and trade it in for a better car to sell.

Car Masters Season 1 Episode Name

Episode NameWatchRelease Date
“Outsmarted”Watch On NetflixSeptember 14, 2018
“Green Is the New Black”Watch On NetflixSeptember 14, 2018
“Buggin’ Out”Watch On NetflixSeptember 14, 2018
“Junkyard Jewels”Watch On NetflixSeptember 14, 2018
“Frank’N’Bus”Watch On NetflixSeptember 14, 2018
“Life-Size”Watch On NetflixSeptember 14, 2018
“Two for the Money”Watch On NetflixSeptember 14, 2018
“Back to the Future”Watch On NetflixSeptember 14, 2018

Car Masters Season 2 Episode Name

cS.NO.Episode NameWatchRelease Date
1“Electric Drag”Watch On NetflixMarch 27, 2020
2“Totaled Disaster”Watch On NetflixMarch 27, 2020
3“Something Borrowed, Something Renewed”Watch On NetflixMarch 27, 2020
4“Motorboatin'”Watch On NetflixMarch 27, 2020
5“Later, Vaydor”Watch On NetflixMarch 27, 2020
6“The Crow”Watch On NetflixMarch 27, 2020
7“Deal with It”Watch On NetflixMarch 27, 2020
8“Petersen Built”Watch On NetflixMarch 27, 2020

Car Masters Season 3 Cast

Mark Towle

Tony Quinones

Constance Nunes

Shawn Pilot

Car Masters Season 3 Release Date

The first season of this TV series Car Masters: Rust to Riches consisting of eight episodes was released on September 14, 2018. The second season was released on March 27, 2020. It also had 8 episodes

This third season is to premiere on August 4, 2021.

Car Masters Season 3 Netflix Watch

The 3 season trailer of this TV series has been published by Netflix. Its 3rd season will be available on Netflix on August 4.

Car Masters Season 3 IMDB

This TV series has 2 seasons so far, 3 seasons coming soon Car Masters TV show is rated 8.8 out of 10 on IMDB


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